When you need to decide how to structure the pitch of your roof, contact a professional roofer for ideas and suggestions. Generally, there are two types of roof slopes: high and low. Unlike high slopes, low-sloped roofs are sleek and are primarily found in modern-day buildings.

Hire professional and experienced roofers in Bicester for low-slope roofs. Low-sloped or flat roofs are popular in commercial buildings, patio covers, and residential slopes.

What are the benefits of a low-slope roof?

Low-slope roofs are a popular choice nowadays because of their numerous benefits. Here are a few reasons why you should invest in one.

Energy efficient

Low-slope roofs are found mainly in commercial properties. They help keep your business premises cool during the summer and warm during winter. With a low-slope roof, there’s very little space left in the attic; hence, less air fills the space. Additionally, you can use an additional reflective material like PVC on the low-slope roof to absorb heat and keep the interiors cold.

Easy to maintain

Since the low-slope roof is flat, regular maintenance work is easy. It is also easier to walk on, clean, and fix issues arising from these types of roofs. The roofers can access the whole roof properly.

Moreover, low-slope roofs do not pose a high risk of slipping or falling. Hence, even if you do not engage a professional roofer, you can quickly climb to the top and monitor the roof conditions.

Affordable option

Low-slope roofs require fewer materials. Hence, the installation and material costs for a low-slope roof are considerably less than those for a high-slope roof. So, if your budget is low and you want a durable roof, you must opt for low-slope roofs.

Whether you choose a single-ply, metal or any other material for low-slope roofs, you can get the same at a reduced cost.

Compatible with solar power

Low-slope roofs are ideal for commercial properties where solar panels are planned to be installed. Flat surfaces are also feasible for mounting solar panels. The flat angle makes it easier for the panel to attract more sunlight.

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