If you plan to add extra space to your home, a flat roof extension is a feasible solution. Compared to a traditional pitched roof, a flat roof extension can be used for various reasons, like creating an additional bedroom, bathroom, or living space. Hire professional roofers in Oxford for flat roof extensions. They have experience and skills in extending roofs effectively without changing the existing construction.

What are the benefits of a flat roof extension?

They help add additional space to the property. As well as that, compared to a pitched roof, flat roofs give a more contemporary feel. If you want an outdoor kitchen or an outdoor living space, then go for a flat roof extension. In addition, with an extended flat roof, you can also create a beautiful rooftop garden if you want to.
Again, if you plan to grow, your family needs more bedroom space.

What are the different types of flat roof extensions?

You can choose two major flat roof extensions: single-story and two-storey extensions. However, the choice of extension depends on the construction project’s style, budget, and complexity.
If you want a simple and inexpensive flat roof extension, opt for a single-story extension. Again, for extra living space, a two-story extension is a more feasible option. Contact professional builders for proper extensions.

How to choose the right type of flat roof extension for your property?

If you’ve decided to add a flat roof extension to your property, you need to keep a few factors in mind. Firstly, it is not the work of a novice roofer. Make sure you contact an experienced and skilled roofer for the same. They will check the feasibility of the extension and proceed with the construction accordingly.

Builders generally check the weatherproofing quality, reinforcement, insulation quality and surfacing options before opting for a flat roof extension. Before opting for either of the two flat roof extensions, you must also consider the existing building regulations and requirements.

The biggest advantage of flat roof extension is its versatility. Contact MLJ Roofing Ltd for roof installation, extension, repair, and replacement services. We have professional and expert roofers who can help with both commercial and residential roofing solutions. For good-quality roof installation and extension services, get in touch with us.