While hiring a roofer, it is essential to understand the difference between a commercial and a residential roofer. Both roofers have different sets of skills, training and experience. Hence, if you hire a commercial roofer to fix the leaks in the flat roofs of your house, you will end up utilising the skills of the commercial roofer.

Commercial roofers will work on large buildings, shopping malls, offices, and warehouses. Hence, hiring a residential roofer for the commercial building work will not fetch the required results. Before hiring roofers in Buckinghamshire, make sure you check the qualifications first.

What is the difference between residential and commercial roofers?

Need of special tools and equipment

Commercial roofers have the right set of tools to get access to the roofs of high-rise buildings. They have experience operating cranes, working on scaffoldings and using boom lifts to install, maintain and repair commercial roofs. Moreover, they have the idea of handling different types of commercial roofs.

On the other hand, a residential roofer is trained to handle domestic roofing issues. They have a limited number of tools and will only be able to handle some types of roofing issues. Moreover, they need to be trained to work on high-rise buildings.

Roofing project completion

Commercial roofers work with a big team of roofers and assistants because a commercial roofing project might take months or even a year to complete, while residential roofers can work alone. Residential roofs are smaller and less complex in terms of installation. Hence, one or two roofers are enough to complete the job on time.

On the other hand, commercial roofing is a complex, multi-level process where a ventilation system, proper gutter system, and other issues also need to be fixed during installation.

Roof installation methods

Commercial roofers are trained to install different types of roofs, including metal, sloped, green, membrane, and even solar roofs. Hence, they must get training on different roof installation methods.

On the contrary, a residential roofer receives training in installing flat roofs, sloped or tilted roofs, and solar roofs. High variations for roof installations are not required from a residential roofer.

Check on safety concerns

Commercial roofers pay more attention to adhering to safety concerns than residential roofers since the commercial roof installation process is complex and involves high risks. Commercial roofers are thus training in fall protection safety measures. You might also come across commercial roofers with proper safety certifications.

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