Your home has an old roof, and it is high time to replace it. It is only sometimes possible to repair the roof when it has faced lots of damage, wear and tear.

As installing the new roof is one of the biggest improvements you will make to your home, you must be sure that the roofer you choose is highly experienced and skilled in the same field. It is very important to ask the roofing contractor questions regarding the type of services they are offering.

In this blog, you will learn about the important questions you can ask the roofers in Oxford and get the proper information on whether they can carry on the task.

Important Questions to Ask the Roofer before Choosing a Roofer

1. Ask the roofer whether the professional is licensed, bonded or insured. It might seem like a no-brainer, but not all roofers meet this criteria. Having the license is easier. The team can register with the state board of licensing contractors. However, being bonded is crucial to carrying out the task. A bond covers you if the roofer goes out of business before the end of the task. The roofing contractor you choose should be insured with liability insurance and worker’s compensation.
2. You can also ask how long the roofer has been doing the task. It is always a good idea to work with an established agency. It is not to say that all the young companies are not good at the task they are doing. However, an experienced company has already learned how to survive and thrive over time and can provide solutions for roofing needs.
3. While asking questions to the roofers in Oxford before selection, you need to ask for two warranties. One is for the roofing material, and the other is for the roofer’s artistry. A roofer with sub-grade materials and other warranties for several years is the best choice.

Roofers in Oxfordshire

4. You need to ask for the roofer’s portfolio you have shortlisted. The roofing professionals who have been working for years have many portfolios or past projects to show. If you see a good list of past projects they have worked on, you can be assured that you are on the right hand.

These are some of the questions you must ask the roofer before hiring. If you are searching for a professional roofing company, choosing MLJ Roofing is the right decision. The team offers domestic and commercial roofing projects in areas like Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire. Get in touch with the team now.