A green roof is entirely or partially covered with vegetation planted over a waterproofing layer. This roofing structure minimises stormwater runoff. At the same time, it also lowers cooling costs. However, green roof maintenance is quite difficult and demands a proactive approach on your part. The roofers in Oxford possess a solid idea of green roof maintenance and can give you the necessary suggestions.

How Can You Maintain the Green Roof?

Below are some of the ways you can implement for maintaining the green roof:

a) Weeding:

You need to weed out unnecessary plants from the roofing structure. It will keep your roof healthy and glowing. If weeds run through the roof, the landscape will look messy. Also, weeds like moss, grass, and tree seedlings create various issues. Weeding should be conducted mostly in the spring and summer months.

b) Watering:

It is another way to ensure the aesthetic look and effective functioning of your green roof. Watering the green roof on a regular basis, particularly during summer, is a good idea. However, you may face difficulties in deciphering how much water is needed. In this case, having an irrigation system will be of great help. This system will control the perfect amount of water that your plants require.

c) Feeding:

Feeding is another common approach to keep your green roof in good condition. You need to feed the green roof with an objective in mind. Usually, the preferred feeding season is March/April. You can feed the roof at any time except in the colder months, but for maximum outcomes, it’s better to adhere to a time frame. This way, you ensure the green roof has all the important nutrients. A slow-release feed with the right blend of potassium and phosphorus is the best approach for the healthy growth of plants.

d) Clean the debris from drains:

Green roofs prevent rainwater runoff from the roof. It is another reason why many property owners choose green roof design. However, it’s suggested that the gutters be cleaned twice a year (spring and autumn). In some instances, you may notice foliage in the gutters owing to the nature of green roofs. Clear this foliage, or else it will cause problems with your green roof.
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